Java 1 tutorial for beginners

Java introduction

Java is a high level  and modern programming language, it is owned by the Oracle company,  found in 1990.

It is platform independent language that means only need to write the program one time and be able to run it on a number of different platforms. Java  is Dynamic, robost and portable with ability to fit in any virtual device.

Android devices are based on java. It is used to develop apps of Various Desktop applications and mainly for Google Devices and used for making apks like antiviruses, Web applications etc.

To run java codes  

First, need to download and install Java jdk (java development kit) latest version of jdk

On site


Second, a platform to run java codes like eclipse etc and install it


First program 

To print hello world

class MyClass {
  public static void main(String[ ] args) {
    System.out.println("Hello World");

line of code that can actually run needs to be inside a class.
Name as Myclass

Each program in java has a starting point Which is method called main .

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