physical fitness wellness and lifestyle

                 CBSE Class 11 Physical Education
 Chapter 2:Physical Fitness Wellness and Lifestyle

1) Define Physical fitness?
Ans. According to Encyclopedia. “It is the ability of a person to do daily routine work without fatigue, moreover to participate in playful activities and skill reserves enough capacity to meet any emergency.
2) What do you mean by wellness?
Ans. wellness is the maximum capacity of individual to lead a well balanced life related to good health, active physical life, positive mental abilities, well adjusted social life, psychological balance, balanced emotional life, good spiritual life release to stress etc.
3) What is meant by Lifestyle?
Ans. Lifestyle is the typical way of life of an individual, group and culture. Lifestyle is a way, a person leads his/her life. It includes the patterns of social relation, consumption, entertainment and dress. It also reflects persons self image or self concept, the way they see themselves and believe that they are seen by other persons.
4) Mention the health threats in life
Ans. Health threats in life
· Heart diseases
· Cancers
· diabetes
· COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
· Hypertension
· Kidney disease
· Obesity
· Arthritis
· Depression and
· Injuries.
5) List down the component of positive Lifestyle
Ans. Physical fitness, Personal Hygiene and healthy habits, Medical checkup, Good Posture, Medical care and Recreate yourself.
6) Explain the meaning of Health.
Ans. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity “Health means wealth”
7) Briefly explain the importance of wellness
Ans. Importance of wellness
It helps in the improvement and toning up the muscle.
It reduces the recovery time after injury or illness.
It helps in fulfilling proper nutritional requirements.
It helps in better management of stress and tension.
It helps people to meet the challenges of life and also unforeseen situations as and when required.
Regulates and improves overall body functions.
Motivate positive Lifestyle habits or changes.
8) Discuss ‘healthy diet’ as a component of positive Lifestyle
Ans. Healthy diet or good nutrition is one of the main components of positive Lifestyle. In fact, a healthy diet or good nutrition is necessary to lead a healthy or positive Lifestyle. The basics of a healthy diet are lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, wholegrain foods and low fat diary products. Such diet is required everyday in order to maintain the adequate amount of vitamins nutrients and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body. That is why it is rightly said that to eat is necessity but to eat intelligently is an art.
9) Why is a Healthy Lifestyle important.
Ans. A healthy Lifestyle is a valuable resource for reducing the incidence and impact of health problems, enabling you better to cope with life stressors, as well as improving your quality of life. Many health problems can be prevented or at least their occurrence postponed by having a healthy Lifestyle. Many health problems  are  addressed  or  cured  by  exercise,  nutrition, stress management and other healthy Lifestyle Practices.
10) Health is “an asset” Comment.
Ans.1. It is said that “a sound mind is in a sound body”. The low health status is a burden.
2. Unhealthy people has to depend upon others, moreover, a lot of money is spent on medicines to improve or maintain the health status.
3. If our health is good, we can any kind of situation in our life with peace and enjoy the life.
11) It is health which is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver comment.
Ans.1. Good health keeps us always happy and gives no feeling to complete physical, mental, social and intellectual well being.
2. A good health keeps us away from the diseases and health disorder.
3. The loss of good health causes loss of all the happiness.
12) Explain the importance of physical activity on enhancing the life.
Ans. Physical activity is a vital component of positive Lifestyle.
(1) Reducing Anxiety: Exercise reduces the symptoms of anxiety such as worry.
(2) Reduce stress, depression and improves mood: Regular physical activity reduces the body’s overalll response to all forms of stressors and help people to deal more effectively with the stress, they experience.
(3) Reduces the risk of chronic diseases: Physical training is a process of producing long term improvement in body’s functioning though exercises. Exercise reduce the risk of developing or dying from heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure colon cancer, obesity, depression and reduced spending for health care.
(4) Reduced risk of becoming obese: Too much body fat is linked to a variety of health problems. Excess calories are stored in the body as fat. Regular exercise increases daily calorie expenditure so that a health diet is less likely to lead to weight gain.
(5) Improves psychological emotional well beings: Performing physical activities provides an opportunity to skill mastery and self control. Fit people can maintain their physical and mental well being throughout their lives.
13) What do you mean by the term physical fitness? Explain the component of physical fitness in detail.
Ans. Physical fitness is the total functional capacity of an individual to perform a given task. It means that it is the body’s ability to function efficiently, to enjoy leisure time, to be healthy, to resist hypokinetic diseases and to meet unforeseen situation. It consists of health related fitness and skill related physical fitness. Physical fitness and exercises habits developed in early years provide a foundation for life time. Since activity is the basis of life and human body cannot remain in normal condition without activity therefore optimal physical fitness is not possible without regular exercise. Components of physical fitness
There are five physical fitness components.
Speed: It is the ability to perform movement at faster rate or. It is the ability to perform movement in a short period of time and sports e.g. practicing with faster rhythm, speed endurance repetition method, acceleration runs etc.
Strength: It is an ability of muscles to overcome or to act against resistance e.g. exercise with medicine ball, Isometric exercises, pushups etc.
Endurance: It is the ability to sustain or continue activity or it the ability to resist fatigue. It is one of the important components for middle and long distance races ad it is required for almost all major games like football, hockey and basketball.
Flexibility: It is the capacity of a muscle to extend without any damage. Flexibility is measured by range of motion around a joint. It is affected by muscle length, joint structure and other factors. It is measured through flexometer.
Co-ordinate ability: It is the ability of the body to perform movement with perfection and efficiency. In other words, it is ability to change movement or direction in the shortest time without getting unbalanced.
14) Describe the components of wellness
Ans. Components of wellness:
Wellness is the ability to lead a well balanced. Life style relating to physical health, mental health, social health and emotionally balanced life. There are many components to bring wellness all these also develop optimum health.
(1)Physical activity: It makes the person fit and active. It improves various system of body and improves our health. It also improves our growth and development
(2)Balanced Emotional Life: Wellness requires balanced emotional life and release of emotions, moreover it should be under control.
(3)Intellectual Attitude: Wellness requires positive intellectual attitude. It improves our behaviour, intelligence, alertness, futuristic and insight thinking.
(4)Spiritual wellness: It makes the person ethically good, morally good, peaceful, moreover guides the value of life.
(5)Occupational Wellness: It makes the person to be hard worker and earn the livelihood with honesty. It helps to achieve the balance of work and leisure and gives satisfaction.
(6)Managing stress: Wellness needs the proper management of stresses and tensions of life. It keeps us calm and controls our anxiety.
15) What are the essentials for a healthy life style?
Ans. A healthy Lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight it takes sometime depending upon our habits.
1. Regular exercise: It keeps a person fit perform all routine work without any difficulty. Thus one should participate in physical activity, moreover it’s a symbol of good health.
2. Eat balanced diet: A balanced diet includes healthy food choices from all the food groups (according to age, gender, climate etc.) on the other hand unbalanced diet, Fast food, junk food cold drinks, toffees, candy etc. are the causes of may chronic problems.
3. Refrain from bad habits: Refrain from bad habits such as smoking, drinking Alcohol and drugs etc. These are the bars to a good health.
4. Proactive about your health: Seeing your doctors for medical checkups regularly is an important healthy Lifestyle feature. It not only ensures that you are on the right track but any health issue that does come up is easier to treat if discovered early.
5. Have fun: Have you, noticed how much better you feel when you smile or laugh? Having a positive outlook and making sure you take time out to have fun which can actually have a positive affect on your health too.

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