CBSE Class 11 Physical Education
                                                    Chapter 11:Olympic Movement

1) Write a short note on the Olympic Flag?
Ans. Olympic Flag was created in l913 at the suggestion of Baron Pierre de coubertin. It was first hosted in 1920 Olympic games at Antwerp (Belgium). lt is made of white silk and contains five inter-locking rings in five colours yellow, green, red, blueand black representing the five continents of the world. The inter-locking rings symbolises cooperation and friendship.
2) Briefly explain development of values through Olympic movement?
Ans. The aim of Olympic games is to create peace and cooperation amongst the nations with the spirit of sports competition. Olympic games played a significant role to develop following values:
3.Fair play
4.Freedom from discrimination
3) What is Olympic oath?
Ans. At the beginning of the games the host country representative will take oath on the behalf of all participating athletes. That is “We swear that we will take part in the Olympic games in loyal competition representing and abiding by the rules which govern them without the use of doping and drugs in the true spirit of sportsmanship for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams”.
4) Describe in brief the eligibility criteria for Dronacharya Award?
Ans. This award is for coaches whose Teams or players have shown outstanding performance in international/national competitions. The following capabilities are necessary for the eligibility of this award:
1. The player who has won gold, silver or bronze medal at Olympic or world cup championship.
2. The player who has broken the world record. This record should have been recognized by the international sports federation.
3. the player who has won the gold medal at Asian or Commonwealth championship.
4. The player who has won gold medal at least three times in Asian or Commonwealth championships.
5) Describe the objectives of CBSE sports?
Ans. The central Board of Secondary Education conducts the various tournaments at various level to promote games & sports in lndia. There are following objectives of CBSE sports.
1.To raise the general standard of sports.
2. To organize orientation, refresher and training programmes for physical education teachers.
3.To organize inter- school tournaments and competitions.
4.To encourage sportsmanship and promote friendly relations among schools.
6) Write a short note on the origin of Para Olympic Games.
Ans. In the second world war majority of people suffered. They lost their will power and kept remembering the horrors of wars all the time. In 1948 Sir Ludwig gutman organized games for disabled soldiers in various hospital in London. In 1960 Rome Olympic sir Ludwig collected 400 disabled athletes and organized games, and it was named Para- Olympics.Shooting was the first game to be introduced in Para Olympic Games. The International Para Olympic committee (IPC) is responsible for organizing summer and winter Olympic games. The headquarter of IPC is situated in Bonn(Germany) The symbol of para Olympic Games is three colours red, blue and green flag and the Motto of Para Olympic is “spirit in Motion”. 2014 winter para Olympic Games was successfully hosted by Russia.
7) Explain the origin of Ancient Olympic Games?
Ans. The sports was by no means a Greek invention. Despite severe conditions of life at the dawn at history, men found time to enjoy a variety of sports. According to available history, the first ancient Olympic games were started in Olympia Valley in 776 B. C. at that time the games were held in honour of God Zeus, later on Hercules, the son of Zeus started the games and sports in the honour of his father. Although there was lot of stories about the origin of ancient Olympic games. According to some other learned persons there was a wrestling competition between God Zeus and God Koronos in which God Zeus became the winner. To celebrate the victory, the organization of games and sports was started. Whatever the reason behind the beginning of the game Olympic Games was, but it is certain that these games were organized first time in beautiful valley names ‘Olympia’, due to this fact these games were called Olympic Games. during the games period or month any war or dispute might be taking place, would be stopped at once and a truce would be declared. The games were conducted in following way:
1. Opening ceremony
2. Assembly
3. Oath
4. Events
5. Awards
The Ancient Olympic Games continued and was held for approximately thousand years. In 394 A. D. Theodosius, the King of Rome stopped the organization of games, stadiums were destroyed and revived after many decades, that Called Modern Olympic games.
8) Write down in details about International Olympic Committee.
Ans. The International Olympic Committee is the governing body of the modern Olympic games. It is committed to support and promote participation in sports throughout the world.The International Olympic Committee has its headquarter in Lusanne, Switzerland. lt was created by Pierre; Baron de Coubertin on 23rd June 1894. Greek Demitrios Vikelas was its first president. lt's memberships consists of 105 active members and 32 honoury members.The International Olympic Committee (IOC) organizes the summer and winter Olympic games every four years. The first summer Olympic games by the International Olympic Committee were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. whereas the first winter games were held in Chamonx, France, in 1924. From 2010 the IOC has started to organize to the summer and winter youth Olympic games. The first summer youth Olympics were held in Singapore in 2010, whereas the first winter Youth Olympics were held in Innsbruck in 2012.
IOC Governing Body: International Olympic Committee consists of members from the various countries:
President: The President of IOC is elected by its members for a term of eight years. The current IOC president is Jacques Rogg.
Vice- President: In the IOC four vice- presidents are elected. They are elected for four years.
Executive Board: The IOC Executive Board consists of president, vice-president and ten other members.
Main Functions of IOC: The IOC performs a numbers of functions which areas under:
l. The IOC decides the venue and date of Olympic games
2. It also ensure the regular celebration of the Olympic Games.
3. For conducting the competition and general for the Olympics, fundamentals rules set by this committee.
4. It also acts against any form of discrimination Affecting the Olympic Movement.
5. It leads the fight against doping in sports.
9) Describe the formation and objectives of Indian Olympic Association.
Ans. Indian Olympic Association was established in 1927. Sir Dorabji Tata and Dr. Noehren became the founder President and General Secretary of the is affiliated to International Olympic Committee. The election of the office bearers of the Indian Olympic Association is held after every four years. The council consists of various members:
Vice-President: nine vice presidents Joint Secretaries: six joint secretaries Secretary General: one
Executive Members: One honorary Treasurer, seven representative of state Olympicassociations and twelve representatives of national sports federations.
Objectives of Indian Olympic Association:
The main objectives of Indian Olympic Associations are:
1. Enforcement of all rules and regulations of International Olympic Committee and Indian Olympic Association.
2. Development and Promotion of the Olympic Movement.
3. To take disciplinary action against any federation for misbehavior or any other undesirable activity bringing discredit to the nation.
4. To co- operate with national sports federations/associations, organize and control selection, training, coaching of the team that will represent India.
5. Admitting the members of state Olympic Associations/National sports federations which submit their annual reports and audited statements of accounts necessary.
10)Enlist the various Sports Awards and explain any one award in details?
Ans. Recognition of any outstanding achievements is highly motivating and more so when it comes from the top functionary of prevailing system. The Government of India, inrecognition of meritious achievements in games and sports has instituted following National Awards for outstanding sportspersons and coaches.
l.Arjuna Award
2.Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
3.Dronacharya Award
Arjuna Award: Arjuna award is the supreme honour, which is awarded to sportspersons by the Government of India. This award is given to such sports persons who has given extraordinary performance during the past three years. This award was started in 1961 in name of (Mahabharata Arjuna) This award includes a statue of Arjuna , a diploma and five lakh rupees cash. The President of India presents this award on 29 August (The birthday of legendary, hockey wizard Late Dhyan Chand, Olympian) every year.
Selection committee: Consists of five Olympians, four Arjuna Awardees, Two sports Administrators and one sports secretary.
Rules for Arjuna Awards: Its main aim is to improve the standards of sports in country. The government of India demands the list of sportspersons from National sports Federations which is recognized. The total numbers of Arjuna Award are restricted to 15, one award in each discipline, however in can be increased in extra- ordinary performance by a sportsperson. Sports Federation send a list of three players, in which one will be selected but in case of female two awards will be given one male and one female.
Categories of competitions:
1. Olympic/Asian/Commonwealth Games and Cricket.
2. Indigenous Games
3. Physically Challenged Category

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