A network is an interconnected collections of autonomous computers. Every computer needs a network card in order to become part of network.

 Networks can be divided into PAN(Personal Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), and WAN (Wide Area Network).

1) LANs - Small computer networks that are confined to a localized area like a building called LANs.
2) MANs - All networks spread over a city.
3) WAN - It is a group of computers that are separated by large distances and tied together.

Server that facilitates resources sharing on a network. A computer is attached to network is called Nodes. A node is also called Workstation.

The hardware address of the networks card is called Mac Address, which becomes computer's unique hardware number on a network.
When two or more networks are interconnected , they need a special type of address for communication, known as IP Address. Alphabetical name of a website is called it's URL(Uniform Resource Locator) and numbered address (4 parts separated by periods) of a website is called it's IP Address.

Computer follows a mechanism to carry IP Address of a website from a URL. this mechanism is called Domain Name Resolution.
Internet is a worldwide network of computer networks. Interspace referred as the future of internet.

A modem is a computer peripheral that allows you to connect and communicate with other computers via telephone lines.

A switch is a device that is used to segment networks into different subnetworks called subnets or LAN segments.

A repeater is a device that amplifies a signal being transmitted on the network.
A bridge is a device that links two networks together.
A router is a device that works as a bridge but controls different protocols.

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