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                          MONGO DB DATABASE

MONGO DB is a no SQL database that is used to data online. it is used to store bigdata like facebook, amazon, flipkart etc.

MY SQL is an SQL database. It has a schema i.e skeleton structure that represents the logical database in team of tables with specific columns, indexes and another database elements.
and NO SQL databases do not have a schema. The NO SQL database can be structured but not properly structured. It is based on the needs of the applications for storage mechanism they may store data in key : value pairs or in the form of graphs.

* Provide support to billions of users of modern applications like amazon, facebook etc.
* Very fastly delivers results time to global users.
* Handle all the types of data without any foundation of structure i.e nonstructured.
* provide an always on performance i.e no down time.
* frequent updates and new features are provide rapid availability to fast changing requirements.


There are four types of no sql database
1) key-value database
2) document database
3) column family store databases
4) graph databases

key-value databases -  It i s simple , schema-less and flexible model of no sql databases. the data has stored in the form in the form of key-value pairs (keys and values) the keys is unique identifier and data has stored as value. Values stored in this type of database are only accessed only through keys. Example
Phone Contacts
key                   value

Rohan            95457-54580
harsh              67374-65640
Ishan              95446-56786
Dinesh           74544-56899
Key-value databases example are Amazon dyanmoDB, Azure Table storage(ATS), BerkeleyDB and Riak.

Document database - Document databases are an extension to key-value databases with flexible schema and it's values are simple as keyvalue databases. values are always strings and values can be stored as strings, booleans, arrays and other key-value pairs. This database is structured or semi structured. some are pdfs, ms office and xml, Json(Javascript object notation), bson(binary Javascript object notation). Example
                                                     User info
{'ID' :1,                                key              first           last             pin-Id
'FIrst' : 'Kabir',                      1                Kabir         Vijay             2                                             
'Last' : 'Vijay',                       2                Ali             hasan             2
'Pin' : '122001'        =            3                seema        Azad              2
'City' : 'DEL'                         4                Venkat       swami            2
'State' : 'DEL'}
                                                 Address info
                              pin-Id            city              state            pin 

                                  1                mum             MHA          124543
              +                  2                 DEL             DEL           122001
                                  3                 GGN            HRY           122003
                                  4                 BLR             KAR           656654

Column family store databases - Other names of this databases are wide column or column store or column family database that stores data using a column oriented model. this contain a special type of schema column families. This database made by rows and columns.
each row can contain multiple columns and a column doesnot need to span to all rows. all column are treated individually and values of single column are stored together. Example
                                      User Profile
                   phone                         gender                          age
Gina          9876974838                 male                              28
umar         7889766567                  male                              33
Meena       9876555675                 female                           29

Graph Databases-  A Graph database is a database uses to represent the graphical models and store data. the graph databases use nodes to represent objects and edges to depict relations or connections among different nodes. Nodes represents objects and edges acts as relations among these nodes. Example of graph databases are Neo4j, Titan and Blazegraph etc.

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